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Welcome to Paine Creek Builders, where we bring your dream home to life! Our process begins with a meticulous analysis and evaluation of your project. We carefully study its feasibility and take precise measurements to create detailed non-engineered drawings. Through competitive bidding with our trusted trades, we ensure the best value for your investment. As responsible builders, we handle all necessary permits, contracts, and site preparation, while also ensuring proper communication with your neighbors. With our expertise and dedication, your vision will become a reality, creating the perfect living space you've always desired. Let's build better together!

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New Residential Construction

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home remodeling

The build better process 

  • Project Engagement and Analysis

  • Feasibility Study/Field measure

  • Full set of Non-Engineered

House Plan

Visual Design

  • Construction contract and deposit

  • Award subcontract/vendor contracts

  • Procurement of all required permits

  • Initiate site prep and neighbor notification

Wooden House Construction


Exploratory Budget

Structural Designing
  • Propose value engineering opportunities

  • Initiate competitive bidding process with approved trades

  • Establish project and selection schedule

Contact us and let's start to Build Better

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