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Paine Creek Builders was founded in 2021 by Jason Rodgers. Jason’s family has a long-cherished history of building that dates back to 1818.


Hendrick Paine brought his family to a valley in Leroy Township. It became known as Paine's Hollow. He built a sawmill in the hollow, along with an iron forge and a furnace powered by “fine water possibilities”. Trees were cut, floated down the creek (crick) and used for construction.

By 1850, surrounding forests had been felled. With the lumber supply gone and new technological advances, water power was no longer needed. Eventually the settlers moved to other regions.

Eventually the sawmill burned down and was never replaced. The original property in Paine’s Hollow where the sawmill was constructed, resides with the family today. It is enjoyed by the younger generations with its mighty trees, flowing “crick” and beautiful wildlife.


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